Bowday Limited has been providing quality properties to rent since our  founding in March 2000. It is our mission to provide accommodation that  is desirable to live in and kept in good condition through regular maintenance. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to develop  good relations with our tenants, and so we have developed a dedicated  relationship with probably the best agent in Luton. They are: Prime Management 

Company Owners

David Abbott has served as Bowday Limited’s Managing Director since March 2000.

Bonita Abbott has served as Bowday Limited’s Director and Company Secretary since March 2000.


First property purchased in March 2000

Since then, other than capital used for purchases and sales, over three-quarters of the net rental income is re-invested in refurbishing our portfolio. This has included modern fitted kitchens, new bathrooms, replacement windows, insulation, etc.


As far as renting property goes, the Company’s philosophy has been that by providing decent, well maintained property this will be respected by our tenants. In turn they will help us by looking after it and will also advise us at an early stage should they notice any developing maintenance issues.

A pleasant consequence is that our tenants have a very good rent payment record.


We are looking for like minded people who can join us in the exciting  world of property investments. Do not bother to make contact if you are involved in get-rich-quick  schemes, or anything unethical.

The Future

We are no longer looking to increase our residentially let property, but are open to purchase the freehold of blocks of flats, or converted houses. These are often termed Ground Rent Reversions. If you have anything in this area, please do get in touch.


Bowday Limited